Welcome to Fencor 

Fencor is one of the largest and most successful Girls' AAU Basketball Clubs in the country and has been in existence for over 25 years. Fencor has a well deserved reputation for developing players, having the best coaches and putting its players in college exposure settings so that Fencor players can try to earn college scholarships. Click here to learn more about Fencor.

Fencor also produces and hosts basketball tournaments each Spring during the AAU basketball season.  To learn more about our upcoming tournaments and how to register, click here.

"Early Bird" Player Registration Discounts

  • If the full player registration fee is paid by Dec. 10, 2015, the tryout fee is waived ($50 savings!)
  • If the full registration fee is paid by Jan. 1, 2016, you get 50% off the tryout fee ($25 savings) Note: If a player pays the fee and does not end up on a Fencor team, they will get a full refund (minus administrative fee).
  • Referral fee: If a new player notes they were referred by a returning player, that player will get $25 off registration fee. (Can not be combined with early bird registration)

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